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You should feel comfortable with your trainer, but not too comfortable; this person needs to push you and hold you accountable. There's an art to this unique form of matchmaking; at MODE Body Boutique, you'll find the spark you missed with your last personal trainer. Certified personal training is an amazing investment for all, but the actual dollar amount varies based on your priorities and your personal trainer.

We offer a variety of packages and can customize your approach based on your unique goals.

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Feel free to test us out with a single session, or purchase several at once. You'll encounter a lot more bang for your buck than at the bar where you currently spend all your hard-earned cash. The moment you sign up for your exclusive package, you'll receive access to a customized fitness assessment and a follow-up plan to help you reach your goals. This clues you into your current health status and gives you an idea of your path forward. Your package is custom tailored around your fitness goals and our Elite Certified Personal Trainers are committed to helping you become the best possible version of yourself.

However, we also have several options and resources available that can be added onto your Personal Training Packages. We also offer personal training packages for several different occasions. New Mom? Ready to wed the love of your life? We'll get you looking fly before your big day. Our Bride Package is one of our most popular offers, but it's by no means the only package designed to get your ass in shape.

Good things don't always come to those who wait. Sometimes, you need to go after your goal aggressively. The harder you work, the sooner you'll observe results. A lot depends on your starting point, of course, but with Styku on your side, you'll note even the most incremental improvements. We're your ultimate cheerleaders; we help you celebrate every victory, no matter how small.

Those baby steps add up; get ready to lose that pear shape and see the fruits of your labor. Don't worry; you'll still have time for Netflix when you return home from the gym. Personal training sessions can vary slightly based on your needs and priorities. In general, however, we follow this basic structure:.

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On average, our personal training sessions last about one hour each. It's just enough time to get sweaty, but not so much that you have to sacrifice your social life. Personal training isn't just for perfect specimens.

Average Personal Trainer Hourly Pay in Chicago, Illinois

After all, if you're already perfect, what's the point of a personal trainer? Our goal is to whip you into your best self, no matter your starting point. Our clients come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. We're all about meeting you where you're at. You could arrive with a major injury or chronic health issues — we don't care! Bad shoulder, rotator cuff, whatever. Just show up ready to give it your best and work your ass off.

We're super mindful of injuries. We want to train you until you're sore — not until you're bruised and bloody! Just let us know how you're doing. Don't be embarrassed to alert us to health problems; we've seen it all and literally nothing will surprise us. Yes, our certified personal trainers work with exercise noobs.

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  • While we welcome elite athletes, there's a certain satisfaction in completely changing somebody's life around. We love seeing our clients go from couch potatoes to exercise aficionados.

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    You don't need washboard abs to invest in personal training; we welcome you where you are and encourage you to improve, no matter your current level. You encountered an unexpected surge of motivation one day and purchased a personal training package at another gym. Good on you for investing in your health — now it's time to amp up your routine with the best personal training in Chicago!

    Personal Training Chicago West Loop Gym | Mode Body Boutique

    Sure, you can wait out your contract, but why waste your time somewhere that doesn't meet your needs? We handle outside PT package situations on a case-by-case basis. There's no harm in asking; you just might score a transfer. I am a full time trainer and have access to gyms free of charge. Entering the facility you will recognize that this is not your ordinary health club.

    This is the gym of the future! I had an amazing experience at Mode Body Boutique today! The staff was extremely warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. I live in Canada, but travel to Chicago frequently. From now on, Mode Body Boutique will be my go to gym in Chicago! Thanks again! This place is awesome!! Staff are great and extremely knowledgeable! Equipment brand spanking new, clean and very modern! This place takes it to a new level! If your looking to step up your game to the world of fitness I highly recommend this place! This gym is fantastic! It's brand new and ready to go.

    It's got a sharp look inside with all brand new equipment. I feel alot of positive energy inside as well. It's fun working out there. Moe the owner is also a great personal trainer, and can help you with nutrition too. Kevin is another great personal trainer that can transform you for the Summer. I'm excited it's here in the West Loop and I'm looking forward to many more workouts in this great new gym. How much does it cost? What do I get with my PT package?

    How long does it take to see results? How long does a session last?

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    In general, however, we follow this basic structure: Each session begins with a 5-minute warm-up. Talha Sajjad Full Bio. Ted Fournier Full Bio. Paul Rogus Full Bio. Rich Lindell Full Bio.

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